ETOA Seminar on North American Demand for Europe

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ETOA held a brilliant seminar on the North American demand for Europe this month with an array of wise speakers. There is no suppression of demand for travel – and the old adage of Americans not travelling in an election year had completely disappeared over the last 2 decades. 2023 showed record figures – most countries in Europe say over 10% growth from 2019 and 2024 looks a steady 12% increase and 2025 an 8% increase on 2023. Europe is steadily becoming better value as the Euro vs Dollar improves and there is a healthy sentiment to travel especially amongst the 18 – 35 year market and HNW clients. Length of stay is also increasing:

1 week – 30%

1-2 weeks – 57%

2-3 weeks – 10%

Hints of a recession and affect on family incomes has yet to see a decline in travel bookings. Social media – especially TikTok is influencing destinations and products – and the film, TV and festival calendars are increasingly popular influencers.

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