UKInbound Seminar about USA Consumer Travel

Interesting seminar held by UKInbound this month looked at the USA Consumer travel facts. Recent surveys show that the USA market will in 2024/2025:

Travel further

Travel in larger groups

Travel more with family and friends

Stay longer

Spend more

The huge increases in costs do not seem to be putting travellers off coming to the UK – they are seeing similar increases in day to day living costs in the USA. There has been a huge increase since 2019 on pre purchases e.g. attractions and private tours and social media accounts for the top 5 ways the travellers look at holiday plans – booking through travel websites and through travel agents are only 7/8th way to book. TikTok is quickly becoming the No.1 platform for the under 35’s. Lots of increase in interest in cooking and food tours, water (river/sea/lakes) and experiences are all high on people’s wish list.

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