Paris Olympics 2024 – ETOA webinar

Briefing Paris Olympics July – September 2024

10th October we attended a webinar by ETOA – fascinating. Corinne Menegaux of Paris Je T’aime impressed us all with the organisations common sense approach in terms of the implications to the tourism economy.  Some of the key points included :

  • Paris has an ambition to improve the visitor experience during the Games and expect an increase in French based visitors who wont necessarily go to indoor attractions and visitor experiences but enjoy outdoor events
  • The City will be opening a number of new events including  new Olympic attraction around the Eiffel Tower
  • There will be a displacement of tourism and areas will be limited access for coaches except school buses but a huge investment in increased cycle lanes, improved public transport with near 100% accessibility (Louvre car park will remain open)
  • Lots of digital information including a new App once visitors arrive and trade information on the Je Taime website and Paris 2024 which will include opening details – Paris has an aim to keep everything open except during security during certain competitions and offering a range of new events for day visitors
  • Under discussion and negotiations with hotels not to see a huge spike in hotel prices (this we watch with interest)
  • Communicating to the trade about the City restraints during this time as well as the opportunities

Interesting stats :

Based on ticket sales so far, 87% of visitors will be French – 47% of which are Paris based

12.7% international visitors (24% from the UK, 16% USA, rest mainly from Germany, Netherlands and Belgium)

Spend is x 2 of a normal tourist

Tom Jenkins of CEO of ETOA reminded us that previous Olympics required a maximum of 20,000 rooms a night – way below a Citys expectations and Paris was showing they wanted visitors to come into the City during this time whilst London gave a message for Londoners and visitors not to come to London during Olympics 2012!

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